FINE REVIEW: “Murder Most Rural” by Charlie Flowers

Treat Yourself to this Thoroughly Entertaining Read. Riz & Bang-Bang make a great team!

Murder Most Rural (Riz #5)Murder Most Rural by Charlie Flowers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A fascinating collision of genre’s and cultures, and it works spectacularly! All heats up in the Larry Bond military fiction tradition (but with a decidedly British Empire accent), and then seamlessly transitions into the bucolic Essex countryside, with a deadly mystery that would have delighted Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. But in lieu of the staid Miss Marple, author Charlie Flowers has blessed us with the dynamo–Holly Bang-Bang! I adored this gal. No mere sidekick to her husband, the resolute and gung-ho Riz, but an equal partner in their deadly cat and mouse adventures. The fiery Bang-Bang can cook a fine curry too. [Every time she was stirring onions into a curry sauce I found myself salivating–clear evidence of the author’s gift of bringing all the senses in the scene to life!]

“Murder Most Rural” is one hundred proof entertainment, but I credit Mr. Flowers for gently taking a dig at those that are inclined toward prejudice. The comeuppance to those that ridicule the Pakistan heritage of the married couple at the heart of story, makes the read all the more satisfying. The fact that Riz and Bang-Bang have the deadly skills of an elite special force team, yet confront all challenges with wry wit and mutual respect, makes them all the more memorable. I was so intrigued by this unconventional couple, and their full-throttle with cumin and turmeric adventures, that I find myself wishing to read other books in the Rizwan Sabir Mysteries series. I suggest you similarly treat yourself to a thoroughly entertaining read.

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