Katheryn Caffee’s Interview of author Mark Fine

There’s a sense of common purpose among this generation of Indie Authors. In addition to the creative, we are also here to help, nurture and support each other. Egos and envy have no place “here.” Author and blogger Katheryn Caffee personifies this wonderful ethos; and was kind enough to interview me recently. I enjoyed the process very much…

By the way, since conducting that interview I’ve read several more wonderful books from the “indie scene”~ and have already acknowledged them in reviews on this blog. For instance Jean Gill “Someone to Look Up To,” Charlie Flowers “Murder Most Rural,” Elizabeth Newton “View from the Sixth Floor,” Dave Adair “Random Lucidity,” Wolf Schimanski “Meter of Corruption” and Pamela Crane’s “The Admirer’s Secret” are all fine reads.

Pukah Works

Welcome back to the Author Interview series.  Today, we’ll be meeting Mark Fine.  A gentleman who grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and has written a book about his life in that area and some of the atrocities that occur on a regular basis.

With your unique background, did you run into any challenges when you were writing you book?

  • Not the will to write, but the daily discipline to do it. And coming to the realization that it was more about the quality of a word, rather than the sheer volume of the many words. I learned to appreciate that even if it was a single perfect word added to a previously blank sheet of paper; that was a good day.
  • The South Africa I lived in suffered under heavy officially enforced censorship, that previously so much of the information wasn’t then available to me. Post Mandela’s administration, I…

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