FINE REVIEW: “The Price of Silence” by Ulla Hakanson. A Psychological Thriller that Felt All too Real!

The Price of SilenceThe Price of Silence by Ulla Hakanson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Forget chick lit with a Swedish twist, “The Price of Silence” is a psychological thriller that’s frighteningly real. The refined details on every page authenticate this nail-biting saga; and in the process I found myself fully vested in Amy’s plight, and felt great loathing for the vindictive psychopath bent on destroying her.

But “The Price of Silence” is also a balanced tale, refraining from immature rants and gratuitous recriminations. It tells of the foibles of human nature: How a wonderful person can make a single bad decision (in this instance, the choice of the wrong man as a fiancĂ©) and pay dearly for it. How the kindness of strangers may well be life’s greatest gift. How bigotry has no place, ever. How there is always the right time to forgive. How nothing is more satisfying than the self-destructive nature of evil. By no measure is this “a message book,” but author Ulla Hakanson had the writer’s craft to take me to a deeper level at the same time I burned speedily through the pages of her thrilling novel. The author’s Swedish heritage is gently introduced during the narrative, which adds further richness for the reader.

By the way, I found the great outdoors of British Columbia invigorating, as it was so descriptively told, that I am tempted to add a kayak excursion to my bucket list.

“The Price of Silence” is definitely a book to be enjoyed by both men and women.

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