It was time to visit my friend, Jimmy Hotz. It was time “The Zebra Affaire” met its music maker. Those who don’t know Jimmy, he’s the archetypical myriad-minded music man: musician, record producer, electronic music pioneer, and Inventor. His “Hotz Box” is often at the heart of many a great recording: Fleetwood Mac, Dave Mason, B.B. King, and Yes.

Our friend, Mark Fine came by the other day to get a first hand look at the SpaceHarp. He was kind enough to give us an autographed copy of his book, “The Zebra Affaire”, a fast-paced, suspenseful tale about the racial divide in South Africa in the 1970s. Mark was a long time record executive, with PolyGram, Universal and Hammer & Lace.

Jimmy haJimmy Hotz and Mark Fine 20150606_221313_Master_25pcs recently invented a new instrument, the SpaceHarp!


It made a music maestro out of the least of us (Me!).

I certainly DID! After 4 decades in the music biz, this was the first time I experienced playing pure music, myself! Not being a musician I’ve never before known the joy of creating music. Indeed it was magical.

After Jimmy reads “The Zebra Affaire” we will explore a music soundtrack–written together, that’s inspired by my book’s South African blended love story.

NOTE: The Hotz Translator Software transforms ones gestures on the SpaceHarp into all the right notes for the desired chords and scales in music performance. The SpaceHarp is a new manifestation of a concept invented by David Clark and John Gibbon, originally called the Light Dancer. Jimmy did a complete redesign of the electronics and programmed the firmware, which makes it function. So, while Jimmy is the inventor of the Hotz Translator Software and contributed significantly to the SpaceHarp, proper credit should be given to David Clark and John Gibbon. David Clark also worked with Jimmy on the current mechanical design of the SpaceHarp.

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