Book Review: The Zebra Affaire by Mark Fine

Where the buck stops

The Zebra Affaire by Mark Fine

This is a book that anyone should read, especially those of us who know little about the apartheid régime that formerly had a choke hold on the people, politics, and social structure of South Africa. One of the tasks of books that describe one of the many “holocausts” we have experienced around the world is to adequately convey the horror of living under a sadistic and morally bankrupt form of government. Mark Fine delivers this to his readers and much more.

Each story of this type is a critical cautionary tale to maintain our awareness that “it could happen here”, something that requires our vigilance. Though many Americans heard quite a bit about apartheid in the news much of it was comprised of sound bytes and “digestable” morsels of fact; that is the nature of news throughout the world when it comes to stories…

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