In Defense of Prejudice

Author Julie Mayerson Brown (The Long Dance Home) has done a wonderful riff on my post “Are You Prejudiced Against Beauty?” It is well worth the read as we all struggle with the rights and wrongs of ‘judging a book by its cover’.

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And what’s this got to do with writing anyway?

One of my writing colleagues recently published an article about prejudice against beauty. What? Who doesn’t like beauty? We all enjoy seeing beautiful things, places, faces. But what we don’t usually consider is how that pretty face makes us feel. Envious? Intimidated? Intrigued? Superior? Before that gorgeous gal utters a single word, have we judged her based on appearance?

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A Tool to Combat Book Copyright Infringement on Google

Blast away Book Pirates on Google with BLASTY.


A Tool to Combat Book Copyright Infringement.

Distressing how many copies of The Zebra Affaire are stolen due to illegal downloads. I’ve enlisted BLASTY to comb through Google to find theBlank white book w/path sites guilty of copyright infringement, and then take the offending posts down.

The Blasty algorithm has tracked 48 illegal sites hawking my novel in just a few months.

Get your Beta Test Version for this Copyright Policeman

If interested in an amazing tool to combat piracy of creative content, I’d suggest other authors look into Blasty as their virtual copyright policeman (their site is currently in Beta test mode).

Here is their link:

Wish you happy hunting as you take down those varmints, all those illicit pirate sites!