Here, I write free of fear of censorship (unlike my native South Africa during the apartheid years).

This is a forum for team ideas based on shared experiences & solutions to achieve mutual success for authors and causes.

Consider this a clearing house for shared ideas; my ideas, your ideas, and ideas curated from the web. 

The reason? I’ve seen first-hand success shared by many because those that participate are willing to contribute ideas, effort and solutions to the venture.

Due to the uniqueness of our personal lives, we lack perspective or experience to solve a specific challenge. But as a collective we may all benefit, if we tap into a fountainhead of shared knowledge and solutions—heck, it makes no sense to reinvent the wheel.

This will be The Fine Maxim’s theme, in order to enjoy creative, successful lives, we best work together.

Throughout my career I’ve repeatedly hit that “success sweet spot” because of my willingness to collaborate.

In doing so I’ve achieved:

  • Personal success
  • Witnessed the success of the others
  • And, enjoyed the contribution made to the greater community at large.

A win-win-win result is a great goal, don’t you agree?

WARNING! I will also express an opinion or two in this forum. And please, pile in with your comments.

My favorite topics are:

  1. the plight of the poached rhino and elephant
  2. tribal turmoil in sub-Saharan Africa
  3. lack of respect for Independent Authors and the written word
  4. the trivial fluff of today’s celebrity

Did I hear you say, “Kardashian”…?

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