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The début of The Zebra Affaire has gone well. Tremendous reviews. Latest news, some influential filmmakers are writing a screenplay based on the turbulent multicultural apartheid theme of my novel.  Can’t wait to share it with you…


THE ZEBRA AFFAIRE: An Apartheid Novel

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“If you are looking for a book that makes you think, and engages your sense of humanity, culture, history and language, this is one of the great ones. The writing here reminded me of music – this might not be something you dance to, but something you listen to carefully and in peace. There is much to be learned from such art.” —Anita Kovacevic

The 350 pages of The Zebra Affaire have been described in vivid cinematic terms: Romeo & Juliette meets To Kill a Mockingbird in Out of Africa (with a taste of Born Free). Reviewers rave about this intimate, yet dangerous love story, a historical romance that’s set against a canvas that’s both authentic and powerfully provocative.

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Spring 1976. For Elsa, he affair with Stanwell could prove lethal, as she’s white and he’s black, and they dared to fall in love in apartheid South Africa. The Zebra Affaire is a thrilling fusion of romance and suspense—laced with rich history.

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TWISTED TALES: 15 Legendary Lies & Epic Tales

CROOKED TALES: Deception & Revenge in 15 Short Stories

“I must confess Mark Fine’s “Karmic Odds” contribution to Twisted Tales, is one of my favorite stories in the collection. Fine weaves a tale that is both compelling and disturbing.   Kudos for not only driving the knife in to the hilt but twisting it skillfully and making me almost jump up and shout out “hurray”!” —Elizabeth Newton

Readers Circle of Avenue Park  invited me to write a short story “Karmic Odds” (all 6000 words of it) for their anthology, TWISTED TALES: 15 Legendary Lies & Epic Tales.

Karmic Odds: An exotic foreigner turns the tables on his beautiful wife when he discovers deception in the works. Is it the end of their domestic bliss or is there a twist?

Please look for my pieces, Karmic Odds in “TWISTED TALES: 15 Literary Lies & Epic Yarns”

and Mark of the Hyena that’s included

in “CROOKED TALES: Deception & Revenge in 15 Short Stories.”

Both books were curated by the readers and editorial team of READERS CIRCLE OF AVENUE PARK (#RCAP). It’s a global effort, literally, with contributions from 15 authors across exhausting time zones that extend from Africa, Europe, America and Asia.


Readers of this blog will be the first to hear about The Zebra Affaire film developments, and please check back to monitor my progress on The Hyena Axis.

Author: Mark Fine

Author Mark Fine was a record label chief for PolyGram. Variety magazine named him “Music Executive with 20/20 Vision”—good thing too as Fine is tone-deaf. His failed efforts to compose a song resulted in the critically acclaimed novel, “The Zebra Affaire.” As research for his writings (and opinions) Fine immigrated to America from South Africa, in an effort to better appreciate being a stranger in a strange land. Due to his African roots, he is a strong advocate for wildlife conservation and is an ardent #RhinoProtector. Readers may follow him at and