FINE REVIEW: “Chasing Pharaohs” by C.M.T. Stibbe ~ Ancient Egypt meets Game of Thrones blissfully written

Chasing PharaohsChasing Pharaohs by C.M.T. Stibbe
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Ancient Dynastic Egypt meets Game of Thrones was my delighted sense of Chasing Pharaohs as I ventured into a vivid world of scandal, incest, corruption, mayhem, power and sensual intrigue.

Add to this seductive mixture ancient lore, otherworldly creatures–and brilliant research; and my senses were further tantalized by both the rich tale read and knowledge of ancient Egypt gained.

Claire StibbeAuthor C.M.T. Stibbe writes blissfully which gave further credence to both the story and the times she unveils in her lavish story. Similar to an elegant foreign film it took several pages for this reader to get used to “the period accents” but once in the groove it became immensely readable; and in the end the book’s distinctive “voice” contributed mightily to my complete immersion within it.

In reflection I wish history would be taught in college and schools with historical fiction works such as “Chasing Pharaohs” as an adjunct to traditional fare. I have no doubt through books such as Ms.Stibbe’s 18th Dynasty Egypt would come better alive—as it did in mine, in the students’ imagination. As an historical fiction novel this book made an indelible impression on me, and I look forward to reading the sequel.

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