All things “writerly” to help you speed up your personal writing journey.

 I write. I read. I care.

I care. I write. I read.

I read. I care. I write.

Taken in any order, these three short declarative statements are the basic building blocks of  compelling writing.

As for the writing part, it was always on my “bucket list.”

Then I wrote the critically acclaimed The Zebra Affaire.

Mission accomplished! 

Is writing on your “To Do” list?

If so you will find on these pages incremental lessons on how to set aside the fear (by the way, that fear part is overrated) and begin to write in your own right.

I have an idea….how about you thinking of me as your “writerly” mentor?

My method will show you how to…

  • Replace the nagging voice in your head that says NO with an encouraging attitude that says YES.
  • Increase the certainty of completing your book, once you get your project underway.
  • Writers Block is not the insurmountable obstacle it seems, I will show you some tricks to avoid it.

Also, happy to share a thought or two on the use of social media, marketing, promotion and publicity to generate greater book sales.

It’s easy.

Just post your book related questions, in the comments section, and I will get back to you.